Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Recovery Disks for your Computer

Ok, you have just unpacked that shiny new computer you bought from the local big box computer store or that online company. You plug it in, turn it on and everything is great. Away you go enjoying your new toy.
Fast forward a couple years and you start having problems. Maybe a virus has slipped through your anti-virus protection or a nasty piece of adware that has taken over your computer and turned into a porn machine or has filled your screen with offers to remove the ads, for a fee.
Sometimes the best solution, at this point, is to just start over. Restore your computer to the state it was when you bought it. This is the job of Restore Disks.
In the past, when you bought a "Brand Name" computer you received a box of backup CDs with copies of all the software that was installed on your computer. Not any more. In the effort to make computers more affordable, companies have been cutting costs and cutting costs and cutting costs. One of the things they have eliminated are Restore CDs. They have put the restore files on a separate partition on your hard drive. The problem with that is, when you finally decide you need to use it it's often too late to run a restore from your hard drive. And in order to do a restore, you have to buy a restore disk from the manufacturer, and hopefully , they still support your system and allow you to buy one.
In most cases you can head off that problem before it occurs. Most companies allow you to make your own restore disk from the files on the restore partition. Look through the programs in your start menu and look for something that talks about making system restore disks. You will need several CDs, maybe 10 or 1 to 3 DVDs to complete the process. Follow their instructions to make you own restore disk set.
The important thing is to do it now while your system is running smoothly. Don't wait until you start to have problems.
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