Saturday, June 07, 2008

Temporary Email address

Ever wonder how spammers got your email address? In many cases, YOU gave it to them. You go to a web site that asks you to register before you can enter or use their advanced data. Part of the registration is your email address. The owner of the web site has just harvested your address and can sell it to spammers.

Not every web site does this, but enough of them do.

Now you can protect yourself by using
Just make up an address on the fly- and use that to register. then go to . Once there, you can retrieve your registration email, and away you go. Whatever address you use is then deleted from their server, and any spam is just lost.

The site works on Donations, so I you like it, send them a few bucks

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Anonymous said...

Temporary email services rock! I personall use for all my sign ups on the net.